Everything you want to know about Týmuj.cz.


1. What is Týmuj.cz

Týmuj.cz is an online service which helps you organize your sport activities.


With Týmuj.cz your team activity will get a new dimension and move from the actual field to a virtual space. Týmuj.cz makes it easy to inform other team members about matches and trainings, keep track of attendance, assign tasks and share files in your private space.

2. Who can use Týmuj.cz?
Any sports team or individual who spends their leisure time actively - groups of enthusiastic athletes, professional teams, clubs or associations. It is also suitable for individual athletes who would like to organize their sport activities better.
3. Are there any sport limitations?

No. Týmuj.cz can be used by all sports groups: football players, basketball players, hockey players, water polo players, synchronized swimmers and even voluntary firemen or majorettes. The only important thing is to have a common activity it doesn't depend on a type of sport or performance level.

4. Suitable for the whole team?

Yes, it is suitable for each team member and athlete. Just find your role.

  • I am a coach, captain or a team manager

I can easily and efficiently plan (matches, trainings, events etc.), inform my team about matches, tasks, opponents etc., check attendance, manage notes, share files, get feedback, write reports etc.


  • I am a player, team member

I can get all the important information regarding my team in one place, which means I don't need to worry receiving hundreds of emails.. I meet with my teammates in a private online space. I can upload photos, videos and check out what other shave uploaded. I can discuss things, write reports and get notifications about the really important stuff in my email. I have my own profile and I participate in team competitions to win great prizes.

  • I am an active athlete

With just one password I can be a member of multiple teams and I can keep track of what is happening in my teams and what I am immediately involved in. Týmuj.cz is my personal sports diary.

  • We are a team!

We have our own private team space.
All the important team events are accessible in one place.
We have space to share our team data and files.
We don't have to install any special software or pay any membership fees.
Týmuj.cz is completely free!

5. How do you create your team account?

Simply go to the Týmuj.cz homepage and click the Registration button.


When you register your team, you can add members and invite them to the team via email. Once they accept your invitation, the guide will lead them through the personal registration and they will automatically be added to your team in just a few quick minutes. Týmuj.cz is the fastest and easiest way to set up all your team's communication

6. Can the team members' roles differ?

Yes, users can have different roles.


  • Owner - a person who registered the team on Týmuj.cz and invited other members. Only the owner can cancel the team profile or pass the ownership rights on someone else. There is only one owner per a team. The owner also has a role of a manager.
  • Manager - the team owner also automatically fulfils the manager's role or any person assigned by the owner (while adding the members to the team the owner decides about their roles). The manager can appoint other managers, modify optional items, write notes about individual players visible only to the manager, has priority in notifying the team, assigns tasks, plans events, invites team members to matches etc.
  • Member - can see a content of the team page, excluding the manager's notes. A member can only adjust his own profile but is able to communicate with other team members, participate in discussions, vote, refuse tasks, fill in the attendance / absence sheet, plan absences etc.
  • Guest - has the same rights as a member but his status on the attendance sheet and on the list of members is separated. A guest status is for those who are not regular players or the team members (such as a parent, occasional fan, substitute player etc.)


7. Who’s got access to your page?

Only those who you invite. Only the manager is eligible to send the team invitations and an invited user must register on Týmuj.cz first.


No one can access your team page unless you allow them to. If you want to exclude someone form your team, give them a red card and disqualify them.


You can also make your team page public so anyone can view it, without being able to make any changes. 

8. Can I be a member of multiple teams?

It‘s up to you, your passion and the number of sports teams in which you actively participate. It only takes one personal registration and you can become a member of any number of teams on Týmuj.cz.


You can have different roles in each team - owner, manager, member or guest - depending on your level of involvement with a particular team.

9. Do I need a special device or a program?
Using Týmuj.cz only requires a device with Internet access. There aren't any special hardware or sofware requirements.
10. Where do I find help if I am having technical difficulties or questions?

You can find lots of useful advice and explanations in the Help section.


If you can't find the right answer to your question, you can also contact application manager via email info@tymuj.cz


11. How much does it all cost?

Save your team money.


Týmuj.cz is free of charge and without any restrictions!

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