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Manager's operations in this module




Works as a space for sharing team files.


Each team can use up to 200MB for photos, videos, music and other files. Both video and audio can be played and photos can be viewed directly in your browser. Other files are stored and can be downloaded to your PC.


Create a folder

For simplicity, only the team manager is able to create folders.


Folder Content

The content can be clearly viewed in the folder, that means all the files inside the folder. You can see the details of the file by clicking on it.Files can then be played or viewed in full resolution (photos). Files such as archives need to be downloaded first, see File Detail.


To quickly shift from one file to another, use the first filter. Using the second filter changes the order of files - depending on the day they were created or the name.


File Upload

Any member can upload a file. The author of the uploaded file can also edit it or delete it. The manager can edit or delete all the files (not only those uploaded by the manager).


The size of one file is limited to 40MB.


Supported file formats:

Audio - mp3, wav, wma, au, aiff, ra, ogg, m4a, amr
Video - mov, avi, wmv, wm, mpeg, mpg, mp4, rm, flv, 3gp, asf
Photo - gif, png, bmp, jpg, tiff, psd
Files from so called archive - doc, xls, csv, pdf, atd.


Other formats might be supported too but this is not guaranteed.


Play or view the file (detail)

Audio and video are tranfered into flash format (the same format as YouTube) and played directly in the application. Photos can also be viewed on the website.

Other files such as doc, xls, csv, pdf, etc. need to be uploaded saved and made available for download directly onto the user's device. These files are marked with a „present" icon to indicate they have been archived.


File name, which is created in the application, play a descriptive role. You can either enter the file name yourself (description) or let the system generate one automatically (including extension - for example: example.pdf).


Anyone can comment on the file by entering a comment below in the detail.


File download

For viewing an unsupported file format it is necessary to download the file first. Supported formats - videos, audio or photos can also be downloaded.


All the files are downloaded under the original name.


Manager's operations in this module

  • Create folder
  • Edit or delete a folder
  • Edit or delete all the files
  • Enter a file in a competition


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