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List of teammates

Teammate invitation

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Manager's operations in this module 




List of Team mates

List of teammates and invited people are well arranged, including their team roles.

Members and guests have the same rights on, but they are divided for better clarity and also easier data interpretation in the attendance module.


Each user has his own profile picture and basic information, such as name and last name (if it is not filled in, the user's name is displayed instead), email and mobile phone.


Optional items are displayed on the side bar. The manager decides whether all or some of these can be seen. Less important data can be found in individual profiles. The default item could be, for example, item Nickname but this can be easily removed from the line-up.


Examples of optional items: position, height/weight, personal record, handicap, etc.


The manager has the ability to modify the members' and guests' data by clicking on member's profile. In addition, only the manager can remove a member from the team.


The list of invited people. It might happen that an invited person is not reacting to your invitation, or for some reason it hasn't been delivered. In this case, the manager should repeat the invitation of a potential newbie.



Team mate invitation

Just type the email address of a potential teammate and send them a message. It is also possible to give them a role in the team directly. This can be later changed. If you are not sure about the team role, leave the status of a guest and decide about the team role later.

The invitation will immediately arrive in a recipient's mail box in a default style (see the invitation style). Don't hesitate to add your own text in our invitation form. It will be more personal and you will increase chances of its acceptance.



Invitation style:


Hi [name],

I would like to invite you to our team [name of your team] profile which has been created on the website.


[Your message for the recipient]


To join our team click on:

[link to accept/refuse invitation page]


You are not committing to anything. There is still a chance to make up your mind after accepting the invitation.


[your name]




Send the message

Our message centre enables the manager to send all necessary information to all the team users via email. You can also chose recipients by clicking on the recipients' names under the message.



Data export

For your further needs you can export the line-up in various formats (CSV, XLS, XLSH, HTML).



Manager's operations in this module

  • Edit users'data (just data connected with team information)
  • Remove a team member
  • Invite a new member
  • Send a message via email
  • Private notes about a member (invisible to the member) - in a member profile
  • Change the team role - in a member profile
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