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Every game has its own rules and here are ours...


The following text is the agreement which governs the conditions of use of the Internet application Týmuj.cz, available at URLs http://en.tymuj.czhttp://en.int.tymuj.cz/ and related sub-sites. By agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below, the User (hereinafter the "User" or "Users") agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set out therein (hereinafter the Terms of Use). In case of violation of any Terms of Use by the User, the operator may apply measures contained in these Terms of Use. Terms of Use are valid from April 3, 2008 and its subsequent amendments.

  1. Týmuj.cz is an Internet application for organising sports clubs and teams - both amateur and professional. The services provided by this application are available to Users for free.


  3. Anyone intending to use the services offered on this application is obliged to create a User Account on Týmuj.cz. In order to complete the User Account setup, the User must agree with the Terms of Use.


  5. Only registered and properly authorised users can use the services of the Týmuj.cz application.


  7. A User is only entitled to one account but is able to be a member of multiple teams.


  9. The User is responsible for all activities associated with the use of Týmuj.cz and agrees that service will not be used for any activities that are or could be in conflict with Czech law, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, privacy rights, intellectual property rights or violations and interference with the rights of copyright holders, the rules of use of Týmuj.cz and its legitimate interests, as well as generally recognized principles of use of services provided via the Internet.


  11. Inserting personal data (apart from that required to set up an account) in the registration and other data, including photos and audio-visual files etc. is completely voluntary and not a condition of use of Týmuj.cz . These data serve as a means for presenting a User or a sports team and will not be used for any other purpose except as provided for by these conditions. The User is obliged to maintain their credentials (username and password) and the data of your sports team confidential. Týmuj.cz is not liable for the misuse of user identification data arising from its negligence or violation of these Terms of Use. 


  13. The User agrees that entered into Týmuj.cz (apart from the password) will be visible to other team members.


  15.  The User agrees that registration and statistical data will be used anonymously by Týmuj.cz and its partners in order to develop and operate the service.


  17. The User has the right to cancel the account at any time by clicking "Delete" on the respective profile page.


  19. Týmuj.cz is not responsible in any way for content entered or uploaded by any team or team member onto a team page. The User is entirely responsible for all content of their associated account. Týmuj.cz reserves the right to delete any account, team or profile for violation of these Terms of Use.


  21. The User is obliged to respect the rights of third parties, especially in relation to the use of intellectual property, including, but not limited to, audio-visual and photographic material. The User takes full responsibility for any unauthorized usage of copyrighted material.


  23. Týmuj.cz reserves the right to cancel a User's account and/or delete a team account if:

    1. the User uses the services in an improper manner that contravenes good manners, law, generally accepted moral and ethical principles and rules of using services provided on the Internet or is assisting to commit a crime

    2. the User uses the services for commercial or other purposes that could negatively impact Týmuj.cz

    3. the User misuses, blocks, modifies or changes any part of the server and/or application Týmuj.cz

    4. the User attempts to disrupt the stability, performance or data of the Týmuj.cz application

    5. the User uses the application for spreading commercial software, illegal content or any other content without the expressed permission of the author or copyright holder

    6. Týmuj.cz has good reason to believe that the User is violating the legal or proprietary rights of Týmuj.cz or of a third party that is not mentioned above.


  25. The User is not entitled to any form of compensation should their account be deleted.


  27. Týmuj.cz reserves the right to modify the Týmuj.cz application without notifying the User.


  29. Týmuj.cz accepts no responsibility for the unavailability or non-functionality of its service or loss of any data saved or created on Týmuj.cz as a result of technical failure or administrative procedure.


  31. Týmuj.cz makes no claim that using its service will result in increased sporting performance, user performance or number of wins.


  33. Týmuj.cz reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use.


  35. The operator of the Týmuj.cz application, available on URL addresses http://en.tymuj.cz/, http://en.int.tymuj.cz/ and related sub-pages, is Event Service Ltd.


  37. In confirming these conditions, the User grants permission to Event Service Ltd., ID 26817721, registered at Martinovská 257/111, Ostrava-Plesná as administrators to the processing of their personal data in accordance with Act no. 101/2000 Collection of Laws (Coll.) on the protection of personal data for marketing purposes, ie. the offering of products and services, including the sending of information about organized events, products and other activities, including the sending of commercial information through electronic means according to Act no. 480/2004 Coll., for a period of 10 years. The consent also applies to the administrator in charge of processors. The User acknowledges that under § 11, 21 of Act. no. 101/2000 Coll., providing information is voluntary, can be revoked at any time by the administrator who possesses the right of access to personal data and to modify these personal data, block incorrect personal data disposal , etc


Cookies policy


  1. Týmuj.cz uses cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and analysis of our audience. We share information collected through cookies with other organizations whose services we use ( Google, Seznam etc.). 

  2. Cookies consist of text files, often including unique identifiers, that are sent by web servers to web browsers, and which may then be sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. 

  3. Cookies may be either “persistent” cookies or “session” cookies. A persistent cookie consists of a text file sent by a web server to a web browser, which will be stored by the browser and will remain valid until a set expiry date (unless deleted by the user before the expiry date). A session cookie, on the other hand, will expire at the end of the user’s session, when the web browser is closed.

  4. Týmuj.cz uses both session and persistent cookies.


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