Who can use Týmuj.cz?

Týmuj.cz is the right place for you if you are...


  • coach, captain, manager,
  • sports team,
  • sports association or club,
  • virtual sport community,
  • individual athlete with a number of activities
  • fans, family, friends.

Týmuj.cz is an online service which helps organise teams and sport activities better.  It makes communication within team easier.


It saves organizers time and eases their work load. They can communicate with all their players and team mates at the same time, they can easily plan matches and events, and keep track of attendance and absence etc. Have a look at the key attributes to find out what will help you the most.


A team can use Týmuj.cz as a useful web-based tool for planning, managing and communication within a team. If a team has their own website, Týmuj.cz will add extra useful functions to it.


Týmuj.cz is ideal for clubs that need to manage multiple teams and age groups, (juniors, seniors etc.) Every team will get their own private team space with a password.


Athletes sharing the same interests can create their own communities, meet each other on Týmuj.cz, plan common events, discuss things, look at pictures and videos. They will immediately start to develop their private online space.


Individuals can get an overview of all the activities in their different teams, sports and groups in one place. They find out in time that there is a squash tournament on Saturday and that they got an invitation to paintball on Tuesday.


Even fans, families and athletes‘ friends will appreciate Týmuj.cz. Thanks to the possibility of public access settings they can see what is happening inside the team.


You don't need to undergo a special workshop to operate Týmuj.cz - working with Týmuj.cz is easy and anybody can quickly learn the basics. It applies to any sport. Register your team and find out for yourself.




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