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Choose the team (=My teams)


After you log in, you will see all the teams which you are the member of - it is "a gateway" for you your teams.


Team news on the right side (boxes with blue background) can make your choice easier. You are able to see all the recent activities in each team at a time. After moving the mouse over the headline, you can see more information about the topic and decide whether to use the link to get directly to the particular news sections.


Upcoming matches/events - the soonest upcoming events

Latest files - recently uploaded files

Latest news - overview of recent news

My latest tasks - tasks given to me


It is not a complete news overview, there are max. 4 items in each box.


The latest news is clearly visible as it is placed in icons NEW in each module. This icon marks a new match/event, task, message or file in a team since your last log in.


The page also includes a link for creating a new team. It is very easy to create a new team with your profile and become its owner.


You can also get the latest information from the service providers about various competitions, new functions, etc. Detailed information can be seen in the forum, or on the public website.



Links at the top right corner

(Accessible from all the modules in the internal part.)


Homepage (link)

Clicking on "house" icon will take you to our homepage.



You are right here and you can see what it offers you...



It is a communication mediator between you, the users, and us, the service providers. It is common for everyone and it is divided into a few main topics.


We ask for your cooperation in the following instances:

- Error report

- Improvement suggestions

- Asking for help (please, try the Help and other available resources first, for example in the public section, or older forum questions)

- Complaints

- But also praise (we like that the most :-))


We might delete old questions and comments once they have been posted for an extended period and, of course, after we have responded to them.




Almost all the pages in the internal team part are in a format which is easy to print. The layout is clear and it is easy to find all the information you need. You will definitely use this advantage many times and it will save your time.



Use our services in these areas:
Strategy / Communication / Events / Digital