Team news module

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In other words this is a team homepage.


On the left side you can see a description of individual modules as well as the Help link where you can find more detailed information. It offers you an overview of individual modules usage.


On the right side there are boxes with automatically generated team news.


Upcoming matches/events - Know what events are happening and when

Latest files - recently uploaded files

Latest messages - overview of the most recent messages

My last tasks - tasks assigned to me


A team label can be found in the heading and shows the name of a team, sport and a place.


If a team has favourite websites, their links can be uploaded by managers in Settings and displayed on a team's homepage.


To find out about members' activities on the page, there is a list of last four logged in team members.


You can let your teammates express their opinion about recent certain topics, managers can create a survey with up to ten answer options.


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