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This tab is intended for managers who are in charge of the settings.


Team logo


Upload a picture or an icon - it will be shown as a team logo in the label at the top of the page. The picture will be formatted into a square with firm dimensions. It may be necessary to edit some pictures in order to fit this format.


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For modules that you don't want displayed, simply click on the module and it will become invisible..


Recent season

Using this function you will be able to divide the matches and events into particular periods of time - seasons.


The seasons relate to data from modules Matches/Events and Attendance. Seasons don't influence other module data, they stay unchanged.


After creating a season, all the new events go automatically to that season. You cannot add any matches or events to previous seasons. The data are archived but it is possible to view them.


The Attendance tab has the same attributes - i.e. events are divided into the same time periods.


Matches and events which belong to previous seasons cannot be used in modules News, Tasks and Files as a follow-up event. They can't be found in the filter options. The advantage of this is that there are not many items in the filter.


We recommend creating a new season only when it's clear that nothing else will need to be related to the previous one.


The only exception is the status Off season, which is when there is no activity because it is the off season for your teams particular sport. This status is automatically set if a season has been completed and a new one hasn't been created. Here you can find all the data from any period of time Off season. This status is suitable for times when seasons don't continuously follow each other.


Let's use the example of football: you start a season with "spring season 2008", during the summer break your status will be "off season", in autumn you open another season "autumn season 2008" and during the winter break again your status will be "off season".

So, after you finish the season, you can choose whether to follow with another season or just cancel the following season which automatically means a status "off season".

The default filter setting is All seasons, which from the mathematical point of view means a total number of entered seasons and off seasons. You can see all entered statuses since the team profile was created.



If the poll, survey or questionaire is active, it can be seen on the team homepage, where it invites the members to respond to a question.


It is possible to have up to 10 responses. The user can only enter a response once.


Notes: If you entered a poll and now you would like to replace it with a different one, delete the previous one first ( using the Delete button) and then create a new one. Caution: using the Edit button will not delete previous answers and you won't be able to start from the beginning. This button can be only used for changes (correcting mistakes, answers etc.) in the ongoing poll.



Team Characteristics

This information entered during the registration. You can edit it or add the information here using the Edit button. The person's name and the sport are compulsory items. If you fill in the information about a town, it will be used in a team label at the top.


Pass on the team (seen only by the team owner)
It is possible to pass the team ownership on another team member - manager, member or guest. The new owner becomes a manager too..


Delete (seen only by the team owner)
This is a very important step - by agreeing with this, you get rid of the team forever - it is permanently deleted. Use with caution.


Optional items (Line-up Module)

You can enter an optional item (name), which is filled in by each team member on their personal profile (manager can enter this in anyone's profile). The item can be displayed on the line-up (ticked).


Nickname is an example parameter indicated for each team.


Important links

If you have your own website or there are important websites for your team (tables, statistics, news, cheap eshop etc.), then enter the link here. It will be published on the team homepage (max 4 links).


URL address needs to be entered in a form of:, displayed text is a description or a page name (for example Our table). 


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