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Task order, filters

Manager's operation in this module




The module is dedicated to giving tasks to individuals or the whole team. Thanks to the immediate feedback (accept/refuse task) it is easier for the manager to plan team activities and specify responsibilities.


Active members or guests can also assign themselves personal tasks.


Enter Tasks

The form is available to all the users. The difference is that the manager can give a task to any member or the whole team but a member or a guest can only assign one to himself.


The headline and the responsibility are the compulsory items. A task can be related to a certain match/event. We recommend filling out this item as well as everybody can clearly see in a detailed description of an event what needs to be done and what has already been managed.


We also recommend filling out a due date. The date is not functionally connected to other features but it is displayed on the team's profile (in blue boxes on the right). By entering a date you can be sure that the user will always be informed about the latest tasks and ultimate date for expressing possible comments.


Accept/Refuse Tasks

It is very similar to commenting on an assigned task to enter the attendance in Attendance module. A person responsible for a task can find a button ?/YES/NO by their name. The default setting is „?". Simply click on this icon and chose a suitable answer. You can also add a comment (optional).

A member or a guest can agree or disagree only with a task which has been assigned to him, the manager is allowed to change the statuse of any user.

If a task has been given to the whole team, it is a general task valid for everyone. Nobody expresses his agreement or disagreement with this task. For example if the task is: „By the weekend match, do 20 push-ups every day", it doesn't need any comments on whether the members accept it or not.



Tips for managers


If you want to pass the task on to someone else after someone has already refused the task, you don't have to enter a new task. Just chose a different person. Don't forget though that the status of the button ?/YES/NO and a possible comment stays valid.



Task order, filter

The tasks are ordered from the newest at the top to the oldest tasks at the bottom. In case of a large number of events, use filters which help you select certain events and have a better overview.


We do reccommend the managers to continuously delete out of date tasks.


Manager's operations in this module 

  • Enter, edit or delete the task of an individual or the whole team.
  • Accept or refuse task for others.
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