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Enter comment

Important messages from the manager

Receiving a newsletter via email

Manager's operations in this module



The News module works as a discussion tool among teammates.


The tree-like structure makes it possible to react to any comment by creating a new branch.


The messages are ordered from the newest to the oldest so that the newest comments are always at the top.


Enter comment

If you want to write a new message, click on the button Enter message in the top right corner. If you want to comment on a published message, click on Comment in the box of the particular message.


In both cases a window opens and you need to fill in a headline and the comment itself. You can also use the same Word functions (i.e. Align text, Bold ).


Messages you think are important can also be sent to your email for safe keeping.


If the message is related to a particular match/event, you can mark it as related and then find a link to the message in the event detail.


Important messages from the manager

Manager's messages are distinguished from others by using a blue background so you can avoid losing the message among other ordinary messages from others.


Managers can also use a different way of communicating important messages by emailing them to chosen members (click on names in extended options).


Receiving messages via email

You will never miss out on anything, if you receive messages via email. Any changes or additions to a particular event will be immediately sent to your inbox.


The default setting for receiving news on all topics inactive. You need to tick a module, if you want to be informed about news from various modules.



  • New match/event
  • New recurring match/event 
  • Edit match/event (any change made during the editing)
  • Deleted match/event


  • New task
  • Edit task (any change made during the editing)


  • New message


  • New folder
  • New file


Manager's operations in this module

  • Highlighted manager's notification
  • Send a message to individuals via email 
  • Edit/ delete a message from someone else
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